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Monday Mani & Is Nail Art Back?

Do you remember when the all-knowing and all-powerful Anna Wintour killed nail art? Not gonna lie, I was pretty bummed. Like so many of you, I turned to the softer side, lost the accent nail, removed the jewels, and went back to pretty neutrals and pinks. But with spring here and summer on the way, two years after the “official” death of nail art, might we suggest some ways to play (and keep it classy)?


Via Pinterest.

Perhaps too harsh for the bride, a navy nail with narrow gold stripes would be lovely for bridesmaids or a guest. I like how this one adds a pop of preppy fun without going overboard toward gaudy territory.


Via Pinterest.

Tiny dots white on bright pink digits are an absolute yes. This beach-friendly, super-sweet style is youthful and fun but totally appropriate for nail enthusiasts of any age.


Take dots to the next level and turn them into flowers. This look is easier to recreate than you might think. Scope the original story on BuzzFeed for how-to. I am definitely trying this soon. Notice how bold dots pop against a nude background. My favorite neutral base is Essie’s “Topless & Barefoot.”


Be a woman of few words. Or, just one. I adore the clean look of a white nail, and you can make it a little more fun by adding a word. Have a friend dip the edge of a toothpick in dark polish and carefully etch it into one nail. “Love” is clearly a winner, but anything will do. Consider “happy,” “sweet,” the name of your betrothed for your engagement party, or if you’re a sappy new mom like me, your kid’s initials would be cute.

Check out my Nail It B*tches board on Pinterest for a ton more inspiration.