In the beginning, there was a little girl with big blue eyes and long brown hair. She loved coloring pretty pictures of long white dresses and writing love poems and dancing in the grass. The first time she told her mother about an idea for her one-day wedding, Little Jenny was only three years old. And in fact, on the occasion of Jenny’s birth, she was brought home only 48 hours old, dressed in a white cotton sundress and matching bonnet. Her brother Jacob declared, “Mommy, she looks like a bride!”

And thus, I was born to be a bride.

Over the years, I have eagerly torn pages from magazines–photos of would-be dresses or fun hair ideas or tea lights and lovely linens. I’ve doodled gown ideas on notebooks and even (this is sad) signed up for as a pre-bride a few years ago so I could scope out trends… just in case! From little girl dreams to the building of a bona-fide Bridal File in my seventh grade desk drawer, I’ve been ready to start planning for, well, about 25 years.

All of that said, nothing could have prepared this someday-princess bride for the moment when the love of my life knelt down on a beautiful California beach at pre-sunset, offering a 2-karat round brilliant solitaire and more importantly–his heart. After a few more days soaking up the sun and splashing about in the waves, sometimes sloshed on champagne and others just high on happiness, we returned to Brooklyn and started the actual planning.

And now, exactly six days after the big proposal, I start my bridal blog. I can’t wait to take you on the journey with me–from the frustrations and calculations to the joys and the details. My whole life has been spent waiting for this moment, dreaming of planning the most important day in any girl’s life. The best part of all is that Josh was MORE than worth the wait. And that even after our big day, a life of magic awaits.