Black & White & Chic All Over

Planning a black and white wedding? It’s quite the undertaking, but the results can be resplendent. I remember the first time I saw such an affair documented in a bridal magazine. I literally had to lift my jaw off the floor. The couple utilized a blend of bold, traditional and semi-whimsical patterns to bring warmth to the stark contrast of their colors. Without any accent hue aside from the green stems on their flowers, the wedding delivered major wow power.

For those who dare, this scheme can work in many styles. From black-tie to barefoot on the beach, read on for some black and white wedding inspiration that will leave your guests speechless:

With nods to the past, this composite works well. Chevron bowties, a striped tent, bow-back bridesmaids dresses and a parasol? Oh, my!
Black and white can work for a more rustic affair, too, as seen with this barn wedding featuring feathers, long bridesmaids gowns, and a chalkboard theme on the invites.
Try offsetting the stark contrast of black and white with a warm, lemony yellow. This wedding was done perfectly.
Black and White Wedding Cakes 01
Three different takes on the black and white cake, from whimsical to classic to vintage. How could you choose just one?
She adhered pretty heavily to the color scheme but brought in pops of gold sparkle and pretty pink to offset it. This wedding is a combination of bold, modern and sweet.
What can I say? A few long gowns, tuxes and a Boston Terrier bring it all together.

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