Born to be a Bride



Veils. DIY details. Lipsticks, diamonds, and gossamer. Bohemian vs. classic. Buffets, bands, signage, runners, bowties, and beyond. Daydreams // panic-stricken nightmares. Wedding planning is the single most exhilarating, beautiful, stressful, detail-oriented personal endeavor you’ve tackled yet. Let me in on the fun!

If he’s put a ring on it, or not. If you’re helping a friend plan her big day. If you’re already married like me, and just can’t resist the beauty of all things bridal… this site is for you. Indulge your inner bride. She’s very beautiful indeed.


While we’re at it, I’m using wedding planning and styling as a point of view for lifestyle planning and styling. That means we’ll talk about not only weddings, but home decor, keeping love alive, and of course, babies, too. I always want to hear from you — drop me a line at jenny @ born [to] be A {bride} DOT com for any story ideas, brand collaborations, and product reviews you’re interested in discussing.

And one more thing, my dears. I encourage healthy debate and certainly don’t expect all readers to agree with me, or each other, at all times. But comments of an inflammatory or bullying nature will not be approved. Thank you! xx



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