Darken & Smooth with Skinny Tan

I was always a die-hard tanner, but now that I’m a mom I steer clear of tanning beds and layer on the SPF when I’m out in the sun. It’s about more than setting a good example, though that’s also important. Mostly, I want to be around for my little girl for as long as I can — no use messing that up with dangerous UV rays. But! Let’s be honest — many of us feel and look better with a tan, and I am among them. So, what to do?


For years, I lathered on the streaky self tanners and embraced the orange glow because, hey, it’s better than looking like a freshly bleached sheet in the middle of July. Or covering up my pasty legs under an endless supply of black leggings because, you know, that’s so summer. Not. I’m always on the hunt for the latest and greatest in faux tanners, and most recently my needs have changed. Firstly, I need something that works fast and is hassle-free. Also, along with motherhood has come the oh-so-exciting changes to my body including new patches of less-than-smooth skin along my hips and across abdomen. Enter Skinny Tan.

Of the various products in this new line that promises to promote a warm, natural-looking glow while evening out cellulite, I chose the gradual tanner. This is mostly because I am seemingly always on-the-go. While it’s not unreasonable for a fake tan to need to set for a while after application, I’m lucky when I get in a shower, so I don’t have time for much more in the beauty department these days. But this easy-to-use, fast-drying product is truly an amazing find. It features a fresh and summery coconut scent and is light yet creamy, for a smooth and moisturizing application.

mombun - 1

While the gradual tanner is not a traditional tanning cream, I found a gorgeous warmth to my skin tone within under an hour. After using it for a few days, I was just-back-from-vacation tan. Containing Guarana and other natural tan amplifiers, the cream gives you a quick boost of color followed by a deepening glow that develops in the next few days.

As a sufferer of sensitive skin, I’m always wary about trying new products as they might irritate me, but Skinny Tan has worked wonders on my whole body (face, too!) without any irritation whatsoever. This past weekend we attended a wedding and I was glowing from head-to-toe, without having spent more than ten minutes in the sun all summer. Seriously, that’s mom-life for you.


At $29, I’d call this wonder product a definite steal. And while I’ve never been one to claim a product will reduce the look of cellulite, I have noticed that my arms, legs, and tummy are smoother in appearance and bare-it-all ready since I started using the product. I do also have the more aggressive self-tanner, and am looking forward to a day when I’ll have time to exfoliate and do that one properly. If you’re a bride-to-be, I would recommend stocking up on both so you’re glowing and gorgeous at your wedding and all through the honeymoon, no matter where your travels take you.

You can find the gradual tanning lotion and the rest of the Skinny Tan product line on their website, which offers tanning tips and other info to help you decide which one is right for you. Now, get glowing!