Lots & Lots of Layers

As you gear up for fall, indulge your cuddly side with creative layering. Running to and from bridal appointments, fittings, cake tastings, and paper consultations can start to feel like typical, mundane errands — with a ton of added stress piled on. Why not do it in clothes that let you feel cozy and chic at once?


I am all about a slouchy sweater with extra-long sleeves that feels like a big old hug. Keep it from looking like you nabbed your granddad’s by pairing it with a short, somewhat fitted black dress as she’s done here. The small navy crossbody might not be the most functional choice for bridal errands — opt for a larger, tote-style bag big enough to stuff with papers. Leopard flats finish off this ultra-comfy yet polished ensemble.


A drop in temperature doesn’t mean you have to ditch all those cotton dresses you’ve been rocking this summer. Add a fitted tank blouse underneath (so much chicer than a neutral cami), throw a wool sweater over your shoulders, add socks to the Mary Janes, and hit the road. Her outfit doesn’t make a ton of logical sense, but when you look at it all together, it really works. Be a little more creative and have some fun.

I once paired a black long-sleeved fitted jersey tee under a white strapless sundress with black tights and boots for work in the dead of winter. I was so nervous about the outfit being weird, I started to cry panicked tears as my subway approached the stop. It was too late to change — I had to face my critics at the office (and when you work at a fashion magazine, trust me, there are critics at the office). Much to my surprise, the biggest snob in the whole damn place declared, “Chic!” as I strutted on by. Sometimes you have to take a risk. A cotton layer under a sundress, you’ll find, is one of life’s smaller examples.

3813010_layering-denim-on-denim-casual-look-collageKeep it about comfort with a slouchy pair of ripped jeans. The slightly oversized striped tee, denim jacket, and plaid scarf add edge with just the tiniest pop of prep. Her huge Pull & Bear bag is perfect for bridal appointments as it’s majorly stash-happy. And the black t-strap heels add grownup, ladylike grace to an otherwise super-laid back outfit. Obsessed!

Style Note: Girls ask me all the time if you can wear black shoes and a brown bag, or otherwise mix your leathers and/or metals. My response? You can’t not. Black-on-black leather, or worse, brown-on-brown, is not only unnecessary, it’s boring. Look at the outfit as a whole and decide which piece best serves it in which place. 9 times out of 10 you’ll probably find that mixing things up makes you feel a lot cooler.

All images used for this piece were sourced from LookBook.nu.