Our Wedding: Behind the Lens

We just received our Facebook downloads from the photographer. I can’t lie– it wasn’t easy narrowing down 900 pictures to select a sampling for online sharing, but I did it. Once we finally get unpacked in our new place and set about selecting the ones for our album, it will be ¬†tough. Involving quite a bit of wine, no doubt.

But this morning’s post was truly lovely and I have already looked through my own album upwards of five times. Does anyone else do that? In any case, I believe the sign of a truly talented photographer is that the story of the subjects is told wordlessly, and you can read it in every shot. Elisabeth Millay could not have come more highly recommended, but I was still nervous about the photos. My wedding was the biggest and brightest day of my life. I was worried that in time, cloud cover in the brain would let certain elements slip away, but with these pictures, I’ll never miss a moment.

Here are some of my favorites!

I love how Elisabeth set this shot up with the rings over our initials. With Josh’s on top of mine, it’s a symbol that he will always be there to protect me.
Elisabeth captured such an interesting expression on my face. I was feeling nervous, peaceful, and eager to finally see my groom. When Josh first saw this shot, he said “You look like a woman” — as opposed to a girl. I couldn’t agree more.
These five have had my back through some of the most thrilling and terrifying times. I am beyond blessed to have people in my life who know the meaning of being a BEST friend. Oh, and they look gorg.
This is one of our favorite images. I feel like it could be in a coffee table book! The boys look so determined. I just love it.
I gasped when I first saw this shot. What a magical moment. I get chills thinking about.
Initially I was a little disappointed at the goofy face I was making after the ceremony. But now I realize that everything about this is beautiful. I’ve never felt such joy — you can’t arrange your face a certain way in moments like that.
Brides: put this shot on your checklist for the big day. In the moment it felt a little staged and weird, but wow do I love how it turned out!
There’s a certain cinematic feel to a late-night shot. Elisabeth nailed it with this kiss, taken outside. The vows had been exchanged, the party was coming to a close, and I found myself making out with my husband on the pier. Perfection!