Poly Mailer for Mama: My First Order from Preggo Leggings

Life has been hectic lately. Between the crushing symptoms of early pregnancy, working like a maniac on the shop to save up for a maternity leave, and Willow going through a super-clingy stage, the blog has taken a bit of a backseat. I’m so excited to be back with third-trimester (CAN YOU BELIEVE IT?) fashion, nursery decor inspo, and motherhood musings plus more. But for today: a quick “unboxing.”



I swear, y’all, every day the mailman comes and leaves a stack of poly mailers in his wake. I tear through them excitedly — baby shoes, handmade skirts for Willow, headband supplies — it’s always stuff for someone else. This week I was pretty pumped to find a mailer in there for the one who does all the shopping and rarely gets anything for herself — ME!


My first-ever package from Preggo Leggings arrived in just a few days and the pants are way too cute. Here I am, barefoot and pregnant, obsessing over the arrival of the cutest blue moto maternity pants in world history. Check out their site today and come back this week for photos and a review of the pants. I can’t wait to try these out! So stylish and lightweight, a perfect choice for this transitional spring weather we’re having.

Happy weekend, y’all!