Be Generous.

There is a good thing about how long it took Josh and me to pour over our wedding photos and design the album with our photographer. This meant a glorious delay in actually getting high-res on everything for printing and sharing. I’ve always been one to drag a party out, so it’s a joy nearly 8 months post-nup to experience all these beautiful memories anew.

Our brilliant photographer Elisabeth Millay sent us this smart zip drive last week containing all of the images. I can’t get enough of her chic packaging — so indicative of the classy, thoughtful, aesthetically incredibly person she is. It also made me about nine million times more excited to see our wedding album, which should be coming soon.

emMy mom always told me that life is about the details. She inspired us to be generous, with our talents and with our time. I think one of the reasons I adore Elisabeth Millay is her generosity — she gives wholly and completely to her clients, even months and months after the big day, to ensure that no detail is overlooked. I look forward to booking her for anniversaries, babies, and other milestones in years to come. For now, time to get crackin’ on those Facebook albums! Happy Sunday, beautiful people. Go out and do something special for somebody today. Why not?