You’re Invited…

Letterpress invites handmade by Elecia at Dancing Pen and Press.

We didn’t spend a ton of time selecting our save-the-dates. I feel that it’s a more casual item and while letterpress is lovely, it just wasn’t for us, for that purpose. We ordered ours from Zazzle along with some custom stamps featuring a sunset smooch photo we took on our engagement trip. But the actual invitations? Oh dear…

Part of being a little girl who grows up dreaming of her wedding is the concept of the invitation. I have received many in my day, and I’ve kept them all. I even kept the ones my mom received when I was a small child in the 80’s and 90’s. These paper tokens are the first physical memento of the wedding itself, and their beauty is just as important as the words they contain.

I’ve known all along that I didn’t want anything too fussy. Had Josh and I chosen to get married at the Plaza, throwing a black tie affair, the invites would need to be uber-fancy. But we made the quick and proper decision that we are beach people and our wedding, though lovely, will be lit by lanterns and starlight and flickering candles of different lengths rather than over-the-top crystal chandeliers and the flashing of New York City traffic lights.


So, the paper goods are following suit. I created a “maybe” list last week via Minted and sent it to my mother. She responded with her favorites, noting that she categorically loathed anything with “hearts, mason jars, flowers, stars, and the like.” Got it, Mom.

When Josh looked through the list he similarly was drawn to the simpler designs in elegant yet contemporary formats. So, we’ve narrowed it down to a few styles that we can customize with the pastels of our wedding theme and the precious words that will dictate where our guests should arrive and when.

My one ridiculous request? I want a gold-lined envelope. I might be a boho barefoot beach bride but this is Long Island’s Gold Coast, after all, and the underlying theme of our wedding is rock-and-roll-meets-fairytale. Doesn’t a touch of gold belong in there somewhere? Mom and Josh might be rolling their eyes when we arrive at the final product, but I’ll have my gold envelope.

One day, my little girl (or, if I don’t end up with one, my nieces, etc.), will want to see not only the wedding album but also the scrapbook. And in that book, filled with ribbons and snapshots and swatches, lipstick kisses on faces of loved ones and even a few grains of sand in a plastic pouch, will be my wedding invitation in all its beachy glory. And I’ll be damned if it won’t be sitting beside its pretty little gold-lined enveloped.

Hey, sometimes a girl just needs to put her pink-stilettoed foot down. More on the invites once they’ve been ordered!