Fashion Friday: A Little Black Dress

Last Saturday night, we found ourselves at my sister-in-law’s surprise party without our clothes, as Josh was detained in New York on family business. Luckily, I had stashed Willow’s little black dress in the diaper bag on Friday before our flight (get your tot one here), but it really got me thinking. Even my ten-week-old was prepared, but her mama was not.


Shouldn’t we all, always have an LBD at the ready? Granted, these were pretty crazy circumstances, but you never know. So, it seems we all need one that can be folded (or crumpled up) and put in a suitcase. What if I told you that this one is machine washable… and that you can buy it now and wear it for years… even if you get pregnant? You’re welcome.


I discovered J. McLaughlin this summer at 5 months pregnant in Newport. I sadly glanced at the racks as my bestie loading up her arms with pretty prints. But the sales professional then let me know that the brand’s signature Catalina Cloth is stretchy enough to handle the growing bump — she even wore hers at nine months pregnant with her 10-pound baby boy. Bing!

I lived in my navy Sage dress all summer and continue to wear it now. The fabric is summer-appropriate as it wicks sweat away, but it’s sturdy enough to last you into the colder months, too. And while at $215, this is a splurge for most (myself included), it is absolutely worth it.