Spring Fashion Made Easy

It’s pouring today and I’ve got a sick baby snoozing beside me, but with warmer temps on the horizon and a few hours of nap time to spare, spring fashion is on the brain. It dawned on me during a recent online shopping “trip” that aside from a few nursing essentials, I haven’t bought anything that isn’t for her since she arrived. And as far as my own wardrobe, every dime of the fashion budget last year was spent on maternity duds. I felt like a total fraud as I dug around online for some fun spring pants the other day. This, after all, is a category I haven’t touched in well over a year.


I’m excited to have lost the bulk of the baby weight (anyone wanna tell me when this final six pounds is going to budge? I’ve been at this weight since Willow was a month old!) and to be fitting back into most of my old jeans. But I needed something fresh, fun, and functional for spring. I ended up nabbing these floral jeans on Asos before realizing that I’m so stuck in mom culture that I have absolutely no idea if floral jeans are still cool! Yesterday afternoon as I found myself texting a friend a selfie in my “Mom Life” hoodie, I realized it might be time to start allocating more of my spare funds to my own wardrobe. Willow has enough clothing, after all. Ha.

I created this little spring shopping list and I hope it serves as a fun inspiration for all of you mamas who are just not sure what’s easy and cute these days. Eventually, when I’m squarely back in the size I like, and no longer breastfeeding, it will be all about structured knits, narrow pants, and even a few tops that are dry-clean-only. But these days, if it doesn’t stretch, and/or I can’t nurse in it and throw it in the wash, it’s useless to me. Here’s what I’m loving now:

I’m a Ferragamo addict, and unfortunately I’m still holding on to some bloating in my feet postpartum. While I wait (and pray) for them to shrink, I’m planning to treat myself to a new pair in a half size up for spring. I might be selling a pair I already own in order to afford the splurge.
free people
Free People is my absolute favorite go-to as it makes me feel fresh and young, speaking to the bohemian undertones that are so important to my personal style. Also, Josh loves these hippie-happy staples. Their slip dress is currently on sale at ShopBop and it looks easy enough to nurse in. Or maybe it’ll just be for date nights! Now $44-61 dependent upon color choice.
I’ll go ahead and admit that I never believed I would shop at Loft, but I kinda love it now that I’m a mommy. This loose, eyelet-trim tee gets rave reviews for its comfort factor. But that detailing on the edge gives it a little something extra. Perfect for brunch or just running errands with a little style. Six colors, $39.50, sizes XXS-XXL.
Y’all know this girl loves her leggings, but I’m constantly trying to figure out ways to wear something as comfy without looking like I really don’t give a crap. These Gap joggers have pockets, which in my estimation totally makes them proper pants. Plus, you can clearly tuck your chambray in, slip on some cool sneaks, and go. I’m in! $42 for gray; $60 for black.