What Willow Wore: the Best New Baby Accessory from BabysWatch

I’m not going to lie, Willow is pretty picky. When it comes to accessories, girlfriend insists on picking everything out. But I was thrilled when we were approached to partner with new company BabysWatch to check out their exclusive line of handmade, baby-friendly faux watches for kids and tots.


Firstly, these totally look like the real thing. They’re a great dress-up piece and means of exploring creativity while having fun. Also, for my bracelet-loving two-year-old, it was something unexpected and new that she was totally comfortable wearing.

As soon as our package arrived, Willow ripped it right open and insisted on trying on her “watts.” The day we wore it was an out-and-about type afternoon and she kept showing her wrists to strangers, proudly demonstrating her awesome new “timepiece” as we strolled around Hoboken.


From a mom’s perspective, I love that these 100% cotton, handcrafted baby watches are soft and comfortable with an easy on-off snap. And, that they’re free of BPA, latex,  phthalate, and lead. With so many questionable products being made overseas and thrust upon us these days, it’s a joy to find something reasonably priced that’s also responsibly produced here in the US.

These beautiful pieces retail for only $15-17 at BabysWatch and you can get free U.S. shipping with code FREESHIPPING every day. Please also check them out on Instagram so you don’t miss out on daily style inspiration, cute baby spam, and special deals and promos!