Why I Splurge on Quality Leggings from Babalus by Lucy — Especially Now

Those who know me are aware that I’ve never shied away from wearing leggings as pants. Even in the fashion journalism/PR days when life was unforgivingly chic, I figured out a way to make them work as often as I could. Now that I’m a stay-at-home mom, forget it. Leggings aren’t just pants, they’re a uniform.

This would probably be a good time to add that I’m now expecting Baby #2! (In case you were wondering why the blog has gone pretty quiet in recent months, you can blame this baby for the craziest nausea and exhaustion of my entire life). So, comfort is more important now than ever. But I have never and will never be the mom who just throws on whatever and goes out the door. I need to feel comfortable, but definitely look cute, too.

I’ve always loved a variety of leggings, but lean toward the luxe. While cheap, fast fashion is a great option to have on hand for workouts and PJ’s, there’s nothing quite like slipping into a pair of well-made, high-quality leggings. This is why I’m not afraid to drop major change at Lululemon, and why I’m thrilled to have recently discovered Babalus by Lucy.

Rockin the four-month bump in South Carolina on vacation last week! How cute are these mermaid leggings? More colors available!

These uniquely gorgeous leggings are mom-designed with comfort and style as a top priority. The entire collection is constructed of super high-quality material that won’t snag, go sheer, or fray despite wash, wear, workouts, and everything else your busy mama life entails. And the prints are just plain fun.

Now I won’t name names, but there are some other well-known leggings out there in online shopping land that come in a variety of wild prints. But those are made overseas and known to fall apart. I myself have a couple pairs, and the stitching came undone within a wear or two. They’re fine for a cheap fix, but when you want something that lasts, you need to reach for quality. And that comes with a slightly higher, but well worth it, price point.

Why Buy Pricier Leggings?
Everything in the shop from Babalus by Lucy is designed by a mom who understands the dual importance of comfort and style. Her fabrics are expertly curated and the production closely watched to ensure well-made leggings (and a lot more — check out the shop!). There’s no need to wear a long tunic over yours and don’t shy away from a down-dog or climbing with your kiddo at the playground, because no one is going to see your undies.

For me, now that I have a growing middle, I can’t believe how much better these (non-maternity!) leggings feel sitting right under my bump than the grossly overpriced and poor-quality options at Target, Motherhood Maternity, and other major retailers. I look forward to wearing these through my pregnancy, postpartum period, and after I return to normal weight. Getting through all that in the same trusty leggings that fit and feel amazing? For $65 a pair, I’d say they’re more than worth it!


My first pair is this gorgeous mermaid look. As soon as I slipped them on, I felt skinny, cute, and fun. What mom doesn’t want those three things in a legging? Within days of sporting these, I ordered Rainbow Sprinkles (which are now en route), and I’m already plotting my next acquisition… these INSANE White Star on Black ones.

Add a little something to your order when you get matching (or different!) ones for your little tyke. Lucy, the designer and shop owner, created her pattern for little ones to accommodate a diaper so there’s no awkward lumpiness, even if you use cloth.

I say this all the time and yet I feel like I can’t stress it enough… when you shop small, you are not just buying clothing. You are supporting a dream, often (in this case!) a mother, a family. Your money is not going into the already-too-full pockets of corporate CEO’s or (even worse) to overseas manufacturers who underpay their workers. Instead it’s supporting dance classes, paying a mortgage, allowing a parent to spend more time with their child. If my $65 can do all that and make my butt look great, I’m calling it money very well spent.

Please shop Babalus by Lucy online and follow them on Instagram @babalusbylucy for exclusive discounts, product news, and more!

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  1. I’ve missed your blogging! Congrats on baby #2. I’ve just had a baby boy and your blog was one I returned to consistently for pregnancy and newborn advice and stories. I hope to see more posts in the future and I enjoy following along with your family stories!

  2. Hi Jensy,

    I’m very pleased, hearing from you again…
    Congrats on expecting your second baby! All the best for you and the pregnancy. :)

    It’s great seeing two children grow up! ;)

    Greetings from Germany…. Katharina

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